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Fatou African Braiding has been operating in the Greensboro area for many years now. Upon opening, we were one of the original shops that specialized in natural hair care and braiding. Fast forward to now and we have been fortunate enough to be provided with many skilled stylists that have each helped us expand our services.

Over the time we have been in business, we have received great support from the community. People really appreciate the number of services we have and the quality of service they can get from us. There aren’t too many places in Greensboro that have the resources and skill set that we do when it comes to taking care of natural hair and braiding the way that we can.

Being able to bring a little Africa to Greensboro really means a lot to us. No only are we doing hair styles that are popular there, we are also providing products that are popular there, as well, such as hair products, clothes, jewelry and movies. Being able to support that culture here is something that we really have a passion for.

Each one of our stylists is a licensed in the natural hair styling category. When you come into our shop, you can completely trust that you will be receiving a quality job on your hair that you will want to come back for.

And we guarantee you will enjoy your time in our shop, as well. There are always good vibes filling the atmosphere and that is due to the friendly and lively staff members we have present. You can always count on great hair care and great conversation in our shop.

Come by our shop today and see more of that many things we have to offer.

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